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The Yellow Chilli Restaurant (TYC) is the most famous restaurant chain brand from SK Restaurants owned by Master Chef Sanjeev Kapoor. Its conception has an interesting story behind it. Chef would often be asked, “You have a TV show, why don’t you have your own restaurant yet, where we can go and eat the food cooked based on his recipes”

Now that the restaurants were up and running, he would still be asked, “Why have you named it The Yellow Chilli'? We know about red ones and green ones, but yellow?”

The inspiration for TYC comes from the tryst with ‘Yellow Chilli’ that is as memorable and unique as the spice itself. The discovery of the yellow chilli as an ingredient in the chaat preparations of Meerut, that adds an extra zing and brings together a confluence of flavours, aromas and colours is well-known. Master Chef Kapoor wanted to use the name in a creative way and that is how ‘The Yellow Chilli’ came into being.

The Yellow Chilli is an all-day casual dining restaurant that offers a premium dining experience with signature dishes curated by the Master Chef himself. At TYC, we wish to delight our guests with a gastronomical tour of India, presenting them with delectable and unique dishes.

TYC serves their guests a wide range of exclusive recipes with a touch of simplicity. The dishes cooked are as per what is deemed right and even reinventing them to suit the tastes of the local patrons. In fact, the menu in each unit has a page dedicated to local delights.TYC offers a soothing and comforting ambience surpassing that of any luxury dining restaurant.

The Yellow Chilli as a brand is synonymous with fine dining, serving some of the most eclectic dishes from the vast Indian food treasure. The Yellow Chilli offers the experience of five-star food at three-star rates.

Since its launch 21 years ago, TYC has set its footsteps overseas too. This includes outlets in the United States of America and Canada, Middle East, South Africa and we are seeking out to explore other geographies too.

At The Yellow Chilli chain of restaurants, you can live an Indian food experience with a degree of exclusivity and a touch of simplicity that is as unique as the name. Food is cooked in the most hygienic atmosphere using the freshest of ingredients in a state-of- the-art kitchen fitted with the best of equipment using all the latest technologies. Highest standards in service is the hallmark of this chain.

The yellow chilli
The yellow chilli
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