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Love For Indian Cuisine Around The World


Indian food has been prepared for over 5000 years. Each region's food is influenced by its own c...

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Dos and Don’ts at a Fine Dining Indian Restaurant


India's food landscape is exploding with fresh flavours, methods, and ingredients after two dif...

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Indian Restaurants in Canada


Canada is proud of the range and caliber of its culinary offerings. People immigrated to this co...

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We have reinvented the traditional Gulab Jamuns into a unique dessert to make it elegant and ro...

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Channa Jor Garam Tikki


Channa jor garam tikki a common street snack in most Indian states. It is usually made from chic...

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Shabnam Ke Moti


As unique as its name that spells tender romance, Shabnam ke Moti is an appetizer made with but...

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Shaam Savera - The Yellow Chilli


The recipe that shot Master Chef Kapoor to fame, Shaam Savera is one of his most famous signatur...

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Puran Singh Da Tariwala Murgh - The Yellow Chilli


One of our fastest-running dishes at the TYC, the Puran Singh da Tari Wala Murgh is a delectable...

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Lalla Mussa Dal - The Yellow Chilli


The Lalla Mussa Dal is a signature dish.This rich dal that we take pride in, gets its name from ...

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Creative & Talented Chefs


We are committed to providing you with the freshest and highest quality food. Our chefs have expe...

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Fresh Ingredient, Tasty Meals


We take great pride in the quality of our food and aim to provide you with an exceptional dining ...

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Daily New Fresh Menus


Our Cocktails are made from scratch with great care and fresh ingredients. All the juices are fre...

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The yellow chilli

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